Start Winning at Winter Twinning

10 Apr 2017

ANSWER - Gloves.

Start winning at winter twinning this season with @SneakersAndSoul’s ‘Mini + Me’ winter fashion tips below.


We love us a little bit of mini and me twinning but not too matchy-matchy. I was particularly excited when I saw that Motocross was making a comeback for AW17 because frankly, I never tire of leather goods.  If it was appropriate, I would probably dress a lot like Catwoman. It just all works – shoes, bags, pants, jackets, tops, dresses, yes to all of it.


And it can be so simple to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe – think Biker jackets and padded knee details. I teamed both with a deep v-neck slouch knit and paired back with rain boots. Hello, sexy rain boots?! Why didn’t anyone think of this before? Absolutely essential for “jumping in muddy puddles” (every Mum with a toddler knows what we’re referencing here.)


And mini, well he is mostly here to add charm and good looks. My husband always says that I just dress him exactly like me. I’m going to take that as a compliment. Put a huge smile on your face and twin with your mini whilst you still can (before they suss out what we’re up to and become waaaay too cool for school).


Luka and I sometimes head to our Bankstown Central, on a wet weather day and shop together. He’s going through this delicious phase where he just runs his hands over random clothing (dear shop keeper – apologies for the sticky mess) and says “I looooveeee this” on repeat … so cute, wonder where he got that from?!