Market Days at Bankstown Central

Celebrate your passion for food and friends at Bankstown Central’s Market Days

Bankstown Central has announced a special Market Days event from 7 – 11 December guaranteed to make every food lover’s dream a reality with a terrific line-up of your favourite foodies and using the freshest farm-to-plate ingredients, all from in Centre.

There will be five cooking demonstrations daily at 11.30am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 2.30pm and 3.30pm hosted by chef and wine aficionado Robert Dessanti of The Wog with the Grog fame who will also be joining some of the guest foodies in the kitchen.

Friday 7th December

11.30am Aldo Ortado (Masterchef 2018)

12.30pm Sara (Belly Rumbles)

1.30pm Hoda Kobeissi (Masterchef 2018)

2.30pm Sara McCleary (Belly Rumbles)


Saturday 8th December

11.30am Hoda Kobeissi (Masterchef 2018)

1.30pm Josh Sama (MKR 2018)

2.30pm Western Sydney Food Blog - Alice and Sharon


Sunday 9th December

11.30am Josh Sama (MKR 2018)

12.30pm Hoda Kobeissi (Masterchef 2018)

1.30pm Josh Sama (MKR 2018)

2.30pm Jamaican Delight


Monday 10th December

11.30am Hoda Kobeissi (Masterchef 2018)

12.30pm Francesco Zarrella

1.30pm Daniele Barresi - Fruit Carver

2.30pm Francesco Zarrella


Tuesday 11th December 

11.30am Aldo Ortado (Masterchef 2018)

12.30pm Sam Matar (Tarboosh Lebanese Kitchen)

1.30pm Francesco Zarrella

2.30pm Hoda Kobeissi (Masterchef 2018)


Local favourite Hoda Kobeissi will also be demonstrating her culinary magic each day of the event which will be held in a fully-fitted custom built kitchen located opposite Woolworths near the Stacey St entrance. 

Local retailers will also be on hand with food tastings and to assist with making your produce choices.

So whether you’re a dedicated foodie, simply love to cook or just love eating great food, the Bankstown Central’s Market Days is the perfect place to celebrate your passion for food, friends and the festive season.