Hello, Warm Colours and Woolly Textures

12 Apr 2017

ANSWER – A rug.


Discover warm colours and woolly textures with @OhEightOhNine ‘s top warm winter throws below.

Hey everyone.

When I decorate for the cooler months I think of layers, chunky textures, soft materials and warmth. Today I want to share some homewares that will help add a touch of warmth to your interior this Autumn/ Winter. I stopped by my Bankstown Central to pick up some beautiful items that have helped add such a cosy feeling to our home. It’s also the perfect time to shop without (as much) guilt because there are plenty of winter sales starting to pop up. Visit Bankstown Central and feel free to ‘Shop the Look’ below.


Progressing with the thought of log fires in my mind, the next item I picked up is a vanilla bean wooden wick candle from Target. I tend to burn a lot more candles in winter because I love the way they make our home look and smell. I also buy fragrances to match the climate... so I will buy fruity/ floral ones in summer and vanilla/ toffee ones in winter. Gosh I hope you can all relate (I feel a bit crazy now haha.) I find wooden wick candles are more visually appealing and again the little details do help create a much cosier space.


Lastly, I couldn’t resist putting some of the Kmart wooden wall hooks into my basket. I mean $3 is less than a coffee these days and I actually threw a few more in for an upcoming install I have later this month. The timber adds warmth and texture into the space but doesn’t take away from the weave we have hanging on it. These can easily be hacked with a coat of paint in your favourite colour and is also a great way to tie the room together.

  • Wood wick scented candle || Target || In Store Only
  • Round wall hook, Pine || Kmart || Shop Here

Small changes can be inexpensive and can transform the look and feel of the space almost instantly. Try adding layers, textures, raw materials, candles and even a lush hide to add warmth into your interior. I hope you're all inspired to do some decorating and get yourself out of the house to shop some awesome sales. Have fun!


Much love,

T xx