Leasing Opportunities

Interesting in leasing a shop or mall space? 

For information regarding current and future PERMANENT LEASING OPPORTUNTIES please contact:

Leon Shiner (Leasing Executive)
Phone: 0412 110 505
Email: Leon.Shiner@vicinity.com.au

Adam Bordonaro (Leasing Executive)
Phone: +61 407 995 596
Email: Adam.Bordonaro@Vicinity.com.au

Vince Carnovale (Leasing Executive)
Phone: +61 419 427 431
Email: Vince.Carnovale@Vicinityc.om.au


For information on all current and future CASUAL LEASING OPPORTUNTIES please contact:

Michelle Stewart (Regional Casual Mall Leasing Manager)
Phone: 0438 970 605
Email: Michelle.Stewart@Vicinity.com.au


For information on all current and future COMMUNITY SITE OPPORTUNITIES please contact:

Bankstown Customer Service Desk
Phone: 8713 9125
Email: Bankstown.CustomerServiceDesk@Vicinity.com.au